Fishing Contest & Auction 2018

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The designated places for entry forms are: Far North ITM, Riders Sports Depot, Coopers Beach Sport & Tackle, McCoy & Thomas Hunting & Fishing Kaitaia, Reel Rods, Gasoline Alley Coopers Beach, Taipa Tavern, Until Friday January 26th, 4pm.

Registration available Friday 26th January, 4:00pm to 6:30pm & Saturday 27th January, 7:00am to 9:00am at Coopers Beach Sport & Tackle and Eastern Rugby Club Rooms.
Alternatively you can mail entries to: Doubtless Bay Fishing Contest, PO Box 90 Mangonui, Northland 0442 before 20th January.

Senior $60 or Junior $10 (Juniors can enter senior section BUT NOT BOTH. Senior fee applies).

Online registration available at

The Rules:
1. START FISHING: 6am Saturday, STOP FISHING: 2pm Sunday.
2. FISHING AREA: Unrestricted
3. FISH CATEGORIES: Snapper, Kingfish, Trevally, Kahawai, Crayfish - Spiny & Packhorse.
4. RULE: All Kingfish must exceed 75cm. All Snapper minimum weight 1.5kg. Other contest species 1kg. Juniors to meet minimum legal size where required.
5. SNAPPER: 4 per day per angler may be entered in contest.
6. KINGFISH: 2 per day per angler may be entered in contest.
7. CRAYFISH –"Spiny & Packhorse" Spiny Red Rock Lobster and Packhorse” only species accepted, legal size Male 54mm/Female 60mm, Packhorse 216mm. Only Crayfish dived for can be entered and must be presented on ICE, ALIVE and NOT PUNCTURED. Daily combined limit is 6 legal rock lobsters and packhorse per Diver entered only.
8. WEIGH IN Venue: Eastern Rugby Club Saturday 2pm to 4.00pm Sunday 12.30pm to 3.30pm Each day followed by fish auction and prizegiving. Absolutely no late weigh in’s will be accepted - NO EXCUSES. You must be in line with your fish before cutoff time. No place-holders.
9. AUCTION BOTH DAYS: All registered fish will remain the property of Far North ITM organisers and to be auctioned (under MPI rules) following weigh in on day of catch. This years proceeds to the Doubtless Bay St John’s Ambulance, the Taipa Sailing Club, Eastern Rugby Club and Lions local based projects.
10. PRIZEGIVING: Saturday at approximately 5.30pm after auction. Sunday at approximately 5.30pm after auction.
11. TACKLE: Only rods and conventional handlines will be permitted. No contestant may use more than two hooks on any line or rig. No fishing with Torpedo or Kontiki.
12. To be fair, all boat anglers must have a ticket.
13. PROTESTS: All protests must be in writing to the convenor by 5.00pm on the day in question.
14. ALL FISH ARE INSPECTED by the Officials for validity. Any fish deemed not to be fresh or legal for any reason will be rejected at weigh in. Entrants to this tournament are deemed to be in acceptance of the rules and any violation could bring about disqualification. The decisions of the Officials are final and not subject to appeal or protest.
15. As all fish are publicly auctioned fish are to be kept on ice or ice slurry until weighed in.
16. Within each category: In the event of a tie the first fish registered in will be the winner.
17. Liability to the public: No liability is accepted for the damage to any vehicle or property or loss of property or personal injury or damage of whatever nature or kind to any person however caused.
18. Clarification of the Rules: Before you begin fishing make sure that you are clear on all the rules - if in doubt ask the officials as no warning will be given. Any competitor who commits a breach of the rules shall be disqualified.
19. In the event of an unfavourable weather forecast the organisers reserve the right to cancel the competition with no refund of the ticket price.
20. Anglers or entry form submissions close 9am Saturday 27th January 2018

Prizes - Saturday and Sunday Prize list. Senior - Land based or boat (men, woman & junior)
Saturday & Sunday
Snapper Closest to Avg Weight $1,500.00
Snapper Heaviest 1st, 2nd & 3rd $1,500.00
Kingfish Closest to Average Weight $1,000.00
Kingfish Heaviest 1st, 2nd & 3rd $1,000.00
Trevally Heaviest 1st, 2nd & 3rd $800.00
Kahawai Heaviest 1st, 2nd & 3rd $800.00
Crayfish Closest to Avg Weight Spiny $600.00
Crayfish Heaviest Spiny $600.00
Crayfish Closest to Avg Weight Packhorse $600.00
Crayfish Heaviest Packhorse $600.00

Section Saturday & Sunday
Ladies Heaviest Snapper $1,000.00
Land Based Heaviest Snapper $1,000.00
13yrs & Under
Junior Heaviest Snapper, Trevally, Kahawai, Sprat, Koheru (yellow tail), John Dory $600.00
Ugliest Fish $100.00

Saturday super lucky draw - Travel Vouchers $1,000.00
Sunday Super Lucky Draw - Dual Spit Roaster, Coopers beach butcher voucher, UE Mega Boom $2,000.00
Super Lucky Ticket Draws Sponsored by Far North ITM
For the super lucky draws the angler must be present with their ticket otherwise it will be re-drawn

Overall weekend winners
Overall - Cash Prizes
Snapper Heaviest King of the Bay Trophy
Snapper Closest to Avg Weight $5,000.00
Kingfish Closest to Avg Weight $1,500.00
Crayfish Closest to Avg Weight $1,000.00


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All proceeds go to Doubtless Bay St Johns Ambulance, Eastern Rugby Club, Far North Radio & Sea Rescue, Taipa Sailing Club, Local based Mangonui Lions Projects and 2 Students on the R tucker Thompson

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