As your Independent Timber Merchants [ITM] you’d expect us to know a thing or two about your timber requirements! We carry a full range of timbers for any building project and have the ability to offer machining of these timbers to suit your exact requirements.

Framing & Construction Timber

  • Framing timber
  • Joists & rafters
  • Boards & fascia
  • Panelling & mouldings
  • Engineered wood products

  • Foundation Piles
  • Roundwood
  • Poles
  • Decking, hardwood & composite decking
  • Fencing posts & rail
  • Fence palings
  • Landscape timbers – retaining & rough sawn
  • Sleepers
Plywood & Panels

  • H3 Treated plywood
  • Untreated plywood
  • Marine plywood
  • Signply
  • Plyroof & Plyfloor
  • Barrier & Bracing Plywood
  • Exterior Cladding range of plywood
  • Hardwood plywood
  • Speciality plywoods
Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products

CHH-Woodproducts-logoThe CHH Woodproducts NZ business group manufactures and markets a full range of wood based building products, including Timber, Plywood, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Particleboard, and a range of Interior Decorative products, supplied from nine major manufacturing operations spread throughout New Zealand.
CHH Woodproducts NZ leads the market in Structural Timber, Plywood and LVL in New Zealand with familiar brands such as Laserframe, Ecoply, Shadowclad and hySPAN.

Northpine – we have a strong product

NorthpineNorthland pine plantations produce the strongest and stiffest pine grown in New Zealand. We choose only the best of this sustainable resource to produce our high quality timber products. These trees, grown in sustainable forests at low altitude and in warm temperatures, produce timber characterised by relatively high density and hardness, good machinability and excellent finishing properties. By purchasing only the most suitable of the available Northland logs we ensure our products are of superior quality and consistency.